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‘What About Henry?’



A six week online training course for professionals working with families going through separation and divorce.

Evidence based, written and delivered by Child Clinical Pshychologist, Dr Angharad Rudkin.


Thank you so much. So much food for thought. One of the best courses I have done for a long time and I have been doing family law for 23 years nearly! Suzanne Todd, Partner Withers Worldwide

Angharad and David were wonderfully inspiring, thank you so much, the best course of the year without a doubt.

Just caught up on last week’s session & just following on from your question. For me I think I will certainly start a different approach with clients at initial meeting to hopefully lead to a more amicable outcome. I have often handled these meetings with what do YOU (ie the parent) want to achieve and I think I will refocus this to start the question with what is best for the child/children. I will remind the parent they are part of the same team as Angharad said in the co-parenting session and how can the parents together achieve the right outcome for the child.  Looking forward the session later & so grateful for the course. Sarah Jane Lenihan, Family Law Partner, Dawson Cornwall

Angharad is ridiculously brilliant. James Pirrie, Director, Family Law In Partnership

‘What About Henry?’ is a great, informative, eye opening course which every family practitioner who represents private or public law proceedings should attend. Helen Pittard, 174 Family Law

Spot on for me in terms of presenters, content, format of six one-hour sessions and pace.

The frequency, time, length of the session and the availability of further documents and information was perfect for a busy team with limited physical and mental space to access. Emma Cameron, Parenting Apart Centre East

It was such a good and informative course which at times I found really challenging.

Thank Angharad for taking our whole team through her excellent 6 week ‘What about Henry’ training course. A really excellent insight into how children deal with and process parental separation and how we as professionals and parents can best support them and their families. Claire Dyer, Partner Blandy & Blandy

It has informed my mediation practice and such a lot of really helpful resources and reading material – thank you.

I thought the ‘What About Henry’ Training course was excellent. It was so well presented by Dr Angharad Rudkin, very informative, well-structured and delivered at a good pace. I enjoyed each session over the 6 weeks and very much appreciated the links provided after each module. I would certainly recommend it to my fellow family mediators. Andrea Inglis, Sills Mediation

Every solicitor should do this training. James Pirrie, Director, Family Law In Partnership

I Just wanted to say how interesting, informative and helpful this course has been, and for me working with supervised contact here at our centre it has been superb. A huge thank you from Ali at RDSW.

You can find out more about course dates and modules HERE.

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