almost anything but family court

“(Almost) Anything But Family Court offers parents a detailed roadmap towards a positive goal. Oozing with common-sense and emotional insight, the available options and various routes are explained in non-legal language”

Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Law Division.




About The Book

This book outlines the people and processes separating parents need to know about if they are to avoid family court. It has been written to increase confidence, reduce stress, avoid wasting time and money. It’s a vital read for those experiencing a breakup.

The true cost of going through family court remains hidden. Many parents who have taken this route report a deterioration in their mental health, their bank balance, and anxious children. Almost all report a downturn in their relationship with their ex and their wider family. Such negative outcomes are not quick to resolve

There’s a clear message running through every page of this book. No matter how daunting and difficult, reaching an agreement with your ex outside of the family courts that works for both of you will be the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Why This Will Be The Best £20 You Will Ever Spend!

When you order your book you will receive two copies, one of them is for you to send to your ex-partner. We do understand that you might not want to be sending them gifts at this point in time. However, it is our belief that if you and your ex are reading from the ‘same page’ you will both be better informed as to the options for separating that avoid the family courts where possible.

And if you really can’t bring yourself to send it to your ex you could send it to their solicitor or give it to a friend, unfortunately we all know someone who is separating.

Who Would Find It Useful?

  • Separating parents
  • Friends of those who are separating
  • Family and relationship counsellors
  • Family members supporting relatives through separation, such as grandparents
  • Family support organisations
  • Family lawyers and mediators as a reference to help your clients
  • GP’s and teachers

About The Author

Jo O’Sullivan of O’Sullivan Family Law Ltd has worked as a solicitor in family law for over 20 years. She has written for the Family Law Journal, Mediation Theory and Practice and Resolution’s The Review. She is an accredited mediator, hybrid mediator and a well-known collaborative practitioner. She trains and encourages lawyers and law students to work in the ways she outlines in the book. Jo has also been appointed to The Law Society Family Law Committee.

About The Editors

Bob Greig and Rebecca Giraud are the Directors of OnlyMums & OnlyDads respectively. They have years of experience providing front line support for separating parents on a non-profit basis. They regularly talk about issues surrounding divorce and separation on national media. The also edited the successful publication ‘101 Questions Answered About Separating With Children’ and are Co-Founders of the Parenting Alliance.

Printing & Format

Digital £9.99

Print £19.99 (two books)

Digital & Paperback, 184 pages

Published May 2021, BathPublishing

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