Information & advice articles

We have a wide range of information and advice articles based on FAQ’s we receive. You can find them HERE.

Our publications

(Almost) Anything But Family Court outlines the people you need to know about to sort things out and avoid family court. More details HERE.

Recommended Reading

There are many books to help you and your family to navigate through divorce / separation. You can find a selection HERE.

Professional support

Our Family Law Panel has professionals that are registered and regulated by their professional bodies. They have demonstrated a real commitment to their profession and to the parents and families they work with. You can find them HERE.

The impact of separation on children - videos

What About Aruna are a series of 4 videos delivered by Child Clinical Psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin helping parents to understand the impact of separation on children. You can find them HERE.

Team based support - Navigator Service

Our unique “gold top” 2 session, team-based advice service that supports you in making informed decisions around your separation and divorce. £285 includes two sessions. More information and booking HERE.

Telephone One-to-one

Parents caught up in divorce and separation often just need to talk to someone to help them move forward. Our unique service offers a 35 minute telephone call with one of our co-directors, two copies of our latest publication (Almost) Anything But Family Court and follow up guidance notes.


You can read the full terms and conditions here.