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My mother told me, after I left my husband, that she was relived but that I shouldn't forget we had a child together and therefor I would have to have a relationship with him for life!

Mum, Caitlin

I would have done things differently by accepting the family break-up sooner, detaching myself emotionally and not being too reactive.

Dad, Craig

If you can possibly afford counselling for yourself, do it. It really helped me see that my family of 4 was still a real family and not incomplete without 5 of us

Mum, Vicky

Allow your children to have a different opinion to your own. Infact, allow anyone (friends, family and your children) to have their own opinion on both your ex-partner and the circumstances of your separation. They can't share your hurt and trying to make them do so will only harm them and your relationships.

Mum Diane

On reflection I would have had my ex arrested immediately the first time I was hit. My guilt is four children who have now normalised domestic abuse. That is my crime.

Kitty, Mum

Look after yourself, ask for help, make friends with other single parents, do new things.

Dad, Moestak

I wish I had taken more time to introduce my new partner to my daughter.

Mum, Bridie