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Just published! 101 Questions Answered about Separating with Children is an invaluable first source of legal know-how to help every separating or divorcing parent. The questions you ask us most frequently have been answered by our panel of mediators, family law experts and support professionals to help you through the stress of separation and save you time and money by being better informed. Buy it now for only £23.99.

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Humans are designed to cope with many onslaughts, but change continues to prove extremely challenging. Especially when that change is unexpected or out of your control. Uncertainty is one of the hardest experiences, and can paralyse you from action. Take small steps, understand that waves of emotions will pass and write things down so that you’re not relying on memory at the very time when it is least effective.

Dr Angharad Rudkin

Sometimes mums and dads can be accused of terrible things regarding their children. Some may be true, that occurred when they were still together. Others may be 'news to them'. Sometimes accusations can be made as a form of 'punishment' to either partner. This can occur if either mum or dad are at the angry stage of loss. It is not unusual for past behaviour to be seen through a different lens when angry or upset. Respond by being honest and try not to involve the children by asking them what they think.

Adele Ballantyne, Eleda Consultancy

Will my former partner be in court? It would be best if you prepare as though the will be. Sometimes partners say they're are going to attend and don't, just to wind the other up, but if you prepare calming strategies and ask for a recess if you feel too upset then you will managing your feelings. If you are represented the make sure your rep knows how you feel, as they can petition the court for some protection.

Mike Flinn, Eleda Consultancy

Recommended Books To Support Parents And Children

We are often being asked by parents to recommend books that might support them during and post separation. Support in how to talk to the children is perhaps one of the most common requests we get for additional reading support. We have been asking parents and professionals for their input and would welcome further suggestions for any books or resources that you found useful  – please let us know.