A 6 week training programme (6 learning hours) delivered by Clinical Psychologist Dr Angharad Rudkin for professionals working with separating parents. This programme has specially prepared for family law solicitors/trainees, Paralegals, Mediators, Barristers, Chartered Legal Executives, Counsellors, Family Support Workers, Children’s Guardians, Family Court Advisors, Social Workers, Magistrates and others.

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The motivation

“Henry is 10. He has experienced on-going parental tension and major arguments at home for the last 3 years. In between the arguments, his mum and dad sometimes got on but most of the time they lived quite separately, with few family outings…”

Thank you so much. So much food for thought. One of the best courses I have done for a long time and I have been doing family law for 23 years nearly! 

Suzanne Todd

Partner, Withers Worldwide


Dates & Themes

November 2nd, 1-2pm

1. How do children and teens think?

An exploration of child development research to understand what happens in a child's brain and body during childhood, and how this impacts on a children's experience of divorce.

November 23rd, 1-2pm

4. Co-parenting when separated.

An exploration of the importance of positive co-parenting, the challenges of this and how to overcome them.

November 9th, 1-2pm

2. What does Attachment actually mean?

A summary of attachment theory and how it can help us understand the needs of children and parents going through divorce.

November 30th, 1-2pm

5. The impact of divorce, conflict and absence on children.

A consolidation of the research on the impact of divorce on children, focusing particularly on parental conflict and parental absence.

November 16th, 1-2pm

3. Communication with children.

How parents can best listen to their children and talk to them in a way that children can understand.

December 7th, 1-2pm

6. Child well-being and mental health - bringing it all together.

A review of the key messages from the previous five sessions, plus new information on child well-being and mental health. Applying this new knowledge to understand Henry and his family.

The aim of the course is to give you a deeper understanding of how separation and divorce can impact on children’s lives. At the end of the course you will:


  • be better equipped to help your clients to “put the child’s needs first”
  • benefit from improved relationships with your clients
  • improve your confidence in handling difficult issues so you can reduce your stress levels and improve your well being
  • handle children cases more effectively
  • have enhanced your expertise and the reputation of your practice
  • have undertaken 6 learning hour
  • Please call 07432 202230 if you have any questions.

What’s included?

This course is not just a series of webinars, it is a unique fresh approach to legal training that includes:

– A whole days’ worth of expert training spread over 6 sessions (6 learning hours) all accessible from the comfort of your workplace – wherever that may be. An opportunity to engage in live chat during sessions.

– Access to all live sessions and / or recordings so you can catch up if you miss one of the live sessions or wish to hear them again.

– A dedicated private forum where you can share thoughts and resources with your fellow delegates and also seek further insights from the course leader Dr Angharad Rudkin

– Handouts for each session including references and further reading.

– Certificate of attendance.

Meet Angharad

Dr Angharad Rudkin MA(Oxon), AFBPsS is a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 year’s experience of working with children and their families.

As well as being Consultant Editor on 101 Questions, Angharad has co-written parenting books including What’s My Child Thinking? and What’s My Teenager Thinking with Tanith Carey and books for children, Find your Girl Squad with Ruth Fitzgerald and a guide for children on how to cope with divorce.

Angharad is a relationship expert for the Metro, and regularly appears on radio and TV to discuss child mental health and parenting.

She has consulted for Government bodies as well as private organisations around child well-being and worked at the University of Southampton where she was a lecturer for 12 years.

With Guests

Sarra Gravestock  – Head of Care & Adoption, Biscoes

Adele Ballantyne – Relationship Therapist

Louisa Dickson  – Southern Family Mediation

Marcie Shaoul – The Co-Parent Way

Alison Bushell – Independent Social Worker

Imran Khodabocus – Director, The Family Law Co.

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