Written by Charlotte Friedman

Charlotte is family law barrister, and Deputy District Judge. She is also a qualified Family Therapist and Mediator. In 2007 she set up the Divorce Support Group which provides emotional support for parents going through separation. She is also the author of Breaking Upwards How To manage The emotional Impact Of Separation.

Background to the book

I wrote Breaking Upwards to help people manage the emotional impact of separation, based on all the divorce support groups and workshops I have run.  The idea is to give people a feel of being in a support group and is based on all my experience both as a lawyer and as a therapist.

Who is the book for?

The book is for men and women.  It deals with how to manage your ex’s new partner, how to cope with sharing children, how to manage hostility from your ex, how to manage your children’s experience of divorce. How to explain things to your children, how to get rid of grievance, how to manage overwhelming feelings.


What people have said about the book

Breaking Upwards definitely made for some positive light reading and did help (even momentarily) in allowing me to see that the emotions I am feeling right now are perfectly normal and that others are and have felt this way as well. There is plenty of common sense stuff in this little book but there are a lot of things that when going through the emotions of a divorce you may not think of that Charlotte covers nicely. This book is only quite small and I think I read through it within an hour and that was without doing the exercise’s (which I do intent to try when I feel slightly more up to it) but I would definitely recommend anyone going through what is easily one of the worst things a person can experience should give this book a read. Stuart G.

This book has been so helpful. The chapters are very short but informative and to the point, which is ideal when you probably can’t concentrate on much at all. It is very easy to read, you can skip to whichever part you feel you need. The exercises are helpful in reconnecting with what is important. I thought the book would give me advice on situations relating to divorce, or to finding myself in the heartbreaking situation of being cheated on, but what it has made me realise is that these things aren’t as important as how I feel about myself, and how I can get myself and my son through this incredibly difficult time. What matters is YOU, not the situation and least of all your ex. L. Whitehead.






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