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When Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Law Division proposed a review of the Child Arrangements Programme (CAP) and its operation and reconvened The Private Law Working Group we decided to take the opportunity to ask the OnlyMums/ OnlyDads community (professionals as well as parents) what they thought should be the priorities for reform as we receive constant feedback about such matters.

We took note of the questions asked in the President’s consultation in Appendices 3 and 12 and identified those questions which we consistently hear raised as matters of concern. They are not “yes or no” type questions; rather we asked those taking the survey to indicate whether they should be considered as:

Low Priority, Desirable, High Priority, Most Important.

We are grateful to our partners in this project, Stowe Family Law and The Family Law Company whose generosity and expertise supported our work.

We would also like to thank the organisations and professionals that we work for sharing the survey with their communities. These include:

Members of our Family Law Panel (all members of Resolution). Mumsnet, The Fawcett Society, Women’s Aid, SODA, DadPack, Resolution, The Bristol Grandparents Support Group, NFM, NACCC, Parent’s Voice, Dads Rock, Dr Sue Whitcombe, Mike Flinn, Adele Ballantyne, Sarah Philimore, Parent’s Voice, Mr Colin Riches, Tracy Allison. Tracey McMahon, Dads Unlimited.

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