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We are delighted to let you know that the second edition of 101 Questions is out after many months of commissioning, revising and editing new material. Covid has had a considerable impact on our work with enquiries up by 40% and visitors up to 18,000+ visitors last month. Our book is needed more than ever and we need your financial support to make this happen.

“This is a book that has expertise, compassion and empathy all in one place”.
Victoria Macdonald, Channel 4 News.


‘A Good Place To Start’  

This initiative is driven by a desire to make the ‘101 Questions’ freely available to those who need it the most: parents who come to us and via other organisations who work with separating parents and Litigants in Person. It also forms a key part of our response to Mr Justice Cobb and the Family Solutions Group report “What About Me”.

Our conversations with the professionals who contributed to this book confirm our own experience. Many parents don’t know where to turn, don’t understand the alternatives to court or have much knowledge of what the court process involves. Many fail to take account of the impact separation can have on their health and the wellbeing of their whole family.

Getting ‘101 Questions’ To Parents

Taking all costs down to an absolute minimum we can engage with a parent and provide a free digital version of 101 Questions at a baseline cost of £10. This has been made possible with the help of our publishers, Bath Publishing.

Can you help to make the distribution of this vital resource possible? With your support together we can help to put books straight into the hands of those who need it the most and reach a wider audience.

We have set out example sums which we hope you will feel comfortable with choosing one – or please do add what you can:

  • £100 buys engagement with 10 parents each receiving a copy of the ‘101 Questions’
  • £200 buys engagement with 20 parents each receiving a copy of the ‘101 Questions’
  • £300 buys engagement with 30 parents each receiving a copy of the ‘101 Questions’
  • £400 buys engagement with 40 parents each receiving a copy of the ‘101 Questions’
  • £500 buys engagement with 50 parents each receiving a copy of the ‘101 Questions’
  • £1000 buys engagement with 100 parents each receiving a copy of the ‘101 Questions’


Embed a read only copy of the 101 Questions under an image of the book on your website.

This option enables you to keep traffic on your site and is something to offer clients / potential clients and visitors to your site as a free resource.

There is a one-off fee of £265  OR you can have a co-branded copy for a one-off fee of £365 (includes firm logo, text, photo).

This will allow unlimited reads AND enables us to engage with 10 parents and give them a copy of the book.

Resolutions Members

For firms who want to buy copies for clients/potential clients we are offering an exclusive discount code for Resolution members – buy HERE using 10% code RES1012020.

What’s In It For Us?

If you let us know how many books you would like us to distribute we will send you an invoice and thank you publicly on social media and list you on our COVID19 Supporters page. For those who donate £200 or more to support this initiative OR who sign up to the embedded copy on their website website, you will receive a certificate of thanks for your office and we will share that as a graphic on our social media platforms. Please respond to bob@onlydads.org.

We hope that you will join other leading family law professionals in supporting us to turn this initiative into something truly meaningful. We hope it will also give you another option for promoting your firm’s commitment to social responsibility.

Thank you for your support.

Bob & Rebecca

“This book is steeped in the reality of putting children first. The contributors’ humanity leaps out, as does their desire to demystify the processes”. 
The Law Society Gazette, 2019


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