Mike Thomas

Debt Expert

Mike Thomas, as head and founder of www.debtwizard.com, has become well known as ‘The DebtWizard’ and has been helping people with their debt issues since 1994. Recently he was a finalist in Credit Today’s UK Debt Counsellor of the Year 2011.

Mike’s career began in the Metropolitan Police, but after 17 years of exemplary conduct he was forced to leave through injury. It was then he became a debt counsellor, developing his expertise in this difficult and often emotive field, interviewing people, assessing their debt problems and helping to resolve them.

He is now regarded by many as an expert in the debt management industry, specialising in unsecured personal debt covering credit cards, loans, overdrafts, store cards as well as mortgage shortfall debt following house repossession.

Mike has extensive press and media experience, featuring on television and in radio shows talking about consumer debt issues.

Mike’s catchphrase is: “The last debtor’s prison shut in 1869, society needs to move on and support those in financial difficulty – it’s not a crime to be in debt!”