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Separation & Parenting Through The COVID Pandemic answers many of the question asked on a daily basis.

With a foreword by Margaret Heathcote, National Chair of Resolution



“This is a book that has expertise, compassion and empathy all in one place” 

Victoria MacDonald, Health & Social Affairs Editor, Channel4 News

About The Book

This book answers some of the questions being asked of OnlyMums & Dads, a national not-for-profit support and signposting service for parents going through divorce and separation. Each question has been answered by an expert in their field.

Separating with children is a challenging enough process. Add a global pandemic into the mix and the realities of day-to-day life as a parent trying to prioritise your children’s needs become an intimidating prospect.

The restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic have made an already stressful process even more so and as a result has put families who are trying to do what’s best for their children under enormous pressure.

This book covers many of the questions they are being asked on a daily basis. There is information on family courts, how they are functioning and what happens to existing court orders at a time of social distancing and other restrictions. Crucially, there is a chapter on domestic abuse with input from legal experts and the police and information on where to go for support.

The book also includes a useful glossary of legal terms and a comprehensive list of support organisations with links on how to contact them.

“It is both remarkable, and entirely in keeping with their organisational goals, that in such a short space of time OnlyMums & Dads have rallied their Resolution family law panel and others to provide sound, cogent and considered advice to help parents as they are now doing in this Covid-19 specific edition. I do not doubt that there will be more to feed upon for parents within these pages.”

From the foreword by Margaret Heathcote, Chair of Resolution.

Who Would Find This Book Useful?

  • Separating and divorcing parents
  • Family and relationship counsellors
  • Family members supporting relatives through separation, such as grandparents
  • Family support organisations
  • Family lawyers and mediators as a reference to help your clients

About The Editors

Bob Greig and Rebecca Giraud are the co-founders of OnlyMums & Dads. They have over ten years experience of providing front line support for separating parents on a non-profit basis. They regularly talk about issues surrounding divorce and separation these issues on national media. In 2019 they published ‘101’ Questions Answered About Separating With Parents’.

Dr Angharad Rudkin is a Child Clinical Psychologist at the University of Southampton.

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