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I Am The Parent Who Stayed at Author

Nina is a Leadership Coach for lone parents. Working in partnership with Children’s Centre’s, schools, domestic abuse agencies and most importantly women and children who have lived experience of family breakdown, to find out what works when family life goes off piste. She runs a flagship coaching program, 'Family Vision' which I have been delivering in the Exeter area for four years now, in partnership with ECI and Action For Children children's centres.


About the book

The book was inspired by the families I have worked with, and by my own experiences of transitioning to lone parenting. The book is based on my flagship coaching program, ‘Family Vision’.  The program is a guide to re-visioning your life when your family changes shape. I am particularly experienced working with families where there are high levels of conflict in the breakdown, or where domestic abuse has been present.

My mission is to improve the lives not only of new single parents, but also the outcomes for their children.

Who is the book for?

My book is especially aimed at those parents for whom conflict, trauma or abuse is a factor in their transition to parenting alone.

Single Parents

I am hoping to launch an online version of the Family Vision course (it will be marketed as the companion course to the book) in April as a result of publishing this book. The reason for the digital course is that I am on a mission to empower and celebrate the 2 million single parent families in the UK. There is a negative stereotype attached to single parenting which disempowers and intimidates parents who are about to embark on this challenging life transition. The disempowerment and shaming of nearly a quarter of all parents in the UK must stop. Feeling lacking in personal power, judged, shamed, small or not good enough is a terrible burden to carry when you are also required to show up and take care of young children – 24/7 in many cases, with little respite or financial support.

The impact on the children of single parents is well recorded, and not a historically happy picture. So my mission is to improve the lives not only of new single parents, but also the outcomes for their children. A happy, confident parent who feels competent and able to effect positive change in their own life is the very best advocate and role model for their child. My book, course and group program are all designed specifically to give a new lone parent the steps they need to a) understand where they are today and accept it. B) make plans that feel joyful and motivating for their future, releasing beliefs around what is ‘realistic’ or ‘reasonable’ for a ‘family like theirs’. C) share this visioning process with their children, in order to develop a family culture that reflects their own unique strengths and values.


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