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The DIY Divorce & Separation Expert Guide to Representing Yourself has come out at a time when more parents (and Grandparents) find themselves in family courts having to represent themselves. This book is certainly timely.

We are going to suggest at the outset that if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to attend family court, this book will make for a most sensible purchase.

The authors describe the book as “law lite”. As a layman who has represented himself in court, I found the content well laid out, clear, and most informative. They have included a useful glossary of terms (the UK legal system still uses words that aren’t used in everyday speech), and the indexing allows for quick, efficent access to particular areas of law.

Who should read this book? Well, it’s been designed for Litigants in Person (LiPs) but we would suggest anyone going through the family justice sytem would do well to have a copy by their side, even if represented by a professional – it’s simply more reassuring to have your own knowledge of the processes adopted by the courts – and this book gives you the near perfect tool.

I say “near”. The one thing I would have liked to have seen is a few (boxed or shaded?) quotations from family members who have found themselves going through particular areas of family law. The first thing – the very first thing – we tell all mums and dads who contact us is to prepare for an emotional onslaught if they chose to go to court. A book like this can’t do everything however!

Well done to the team of barristers at 1 Garden Court for preparing and writing this book – one can only imagine the pains they put themselves through to get the order, layout, and content so clear.

It really does make a minefield navigable!

DIY Divorce & Separation – The Expert Guide to Representing Yourself is Published by Jordans.

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