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There is often talk on the internet and in some newspapers about “secret family courts”. The word “secret” can bring with it the suspicion of underhand dealings and our view is “private” would be a better word to use.

That said, in recent years there have been calls to increase the transparency of court proceedings and people have argued that only by “opening up” family court can improvements be brought to the way cases are handled and decisions made.

Strict provisions over anonymity and the protection of children are in place.

The President of the Family Division called a consultation and the guidance found in the link below is issued to assist the court, the parties and the media in circumstances where a reporter attending court may wish to apply to vary reporting restrictions in a case before the Family Court or the Family Division of the High Court.

This guidance is worth reading if you might be concerned about reporters turning up at your hearing and details of your case and the names of your children appearing in the media. This won’t and can’t happen as the guidance makes strict provisions over anonymity and the protection of children.

You can read the full consultation HERE.

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