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What is your experience of co-parenting?

Later this month we have been asked to speak at a conference in London hosted by Cafcass. The focus of the day is on co-parenting for children. The aim is to look at good practice, better support for parents and understanding the barriers for families.

For the most accurate and realistic presentation we really need your help and input. Would you have time to answer two questions?  We are looking for 15-30 word answers to each question but do feel free to write more.

1. In your experience, what are the main barriers to co-parenting?
2. What advice would you give to a friend who is looking to co-parent after separation?

If you can help please let us your input by Friday 15th March.  If you could send them to rebecca@onlymums.org.


“I have been (relatively!) successfully co-parenting since Nov 2012.  I have my children Fri – Mon each week & they spend Tues – Thurs with their mother.I haven’t really experienced any barriers personally as my job is quite flexible & allows me to work from home to a certain extent.  However, from people I know I believe work commitments are often the largest barrier to co-parenting.” 

“My advice to any parent would be avoid Family Court at all costs. The only people to gain are solicitors and the length of time before and between hearings means that the only person to truly suffer is the child in the middle. Sadly most relationships end badly and the child then becomes the focus of some nasty power games which is not in their best interests.”


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