Please support our COVID19 Initiative, ‘A Good Place To Start’ where we give away ‘101 questions’ to parents who come to us and via other organisations who work with separating parents and Litigants in Person. This is our first response to Mr Justice Cobb and the Family Solutions Groups report ‘What About Me’.


We know this book is not a silver bullet however, all the feedback we have had from parents tells us that it is genuinely helpful.

Rebecca Giraud

Director, OnlyMums

‘101 Questions Answered About Separating With Children’ (second edition) has c400 pages of advice from over 130 contributors all of whom donated their time to support OnlyMums & Dads.


It has contributions from leading lawyers, mediators, GP’s, teachers, child psychologists, counsellors and most importantly parents and children – it is this holistic content that makes the book so valuable.

It covers a wide range of areas including the family courts and COVID; mental health, parental alienation, domestic abuse and alternatives to court.

Covid has had a considerable impact on our work with enquiries up by 40% and visitors up to 18 000+ a month. The economic consequences of Covid are far from over, family break up is not going to stop, jobs are disappearing and even more families are going to be unable to afford professional support when they need it most.

It gives parents advice, support, reflections and resources in a way that is easy to understand and to navigate and is based on the questions we are asked on a daily basis by parents. Thank you for helping us to help others.

Bob Greig

Director, OnlyDads


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