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We want to reduce the negative impacts of divorce and separation on children.


“The recent Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in ever more pressing demand for our service. We need to urgently increase our “live” facilities on the site to help people in real time. Even very small donations will help us deliver this support. Thank you”

A parent read us their Cafcass report over the ‘phone.  It talked of a child who hadn’t see one parent for six months. When eventually a brief meeting between child and parent was arranged it described the child initially standing stationary, staring, slightly bewildered…..and then the child running as fast as their legs would move into the arms of their parent.

The real sadness is that we hear these stories time and time again. It is the despair of parents and the inevitable impact that conflict has on children that is the focus of our work. Your donation allows to continue to develop and expand our services.

We are a not-for-profit Social Enterprise. Community Interest Company 5209173 . We have the Asset Lock to ensure all donations can be used solely for the benefit of our work.

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Enable us to continue to raise awareness and build on this national conversation around the negative impacts of divorce and separation on children and young people.


Contribute to the running and growth of our COVID19 support service.


Enables us to provide our book '101 Questions Answered About Separating With Children' to those who can't afford it.