South Devon Separation Support


A unique service for anyone navigating a family separation


Directors of OnlyMums & Dads

Bob Greig & Rebecca Giraud

“I am really grateful to have found OnlyMums/OnlyDads. Rebecca and Bob both bring a wealth of relevant experience and have been attentive and responsive in guiding me through things. I’ve felt very reassured having them alongside me during these difficult times. I only wish I’d found them sooner. I can wholeheartedly recommend their services”. London based Dad



*need to take one photo of both books




Don’t know where to start? Feeling stuck?

Don’t know which way to turn? 


This unique separation support service begins with a 40 minute zoom call to fully understand what’s going on for you. We will both be on the call – two heads are better than one – and in many separation cases it can be useful to bring in both a male and a female perspective to a family break-up.

Rebecca & Bob are co-directors of the nationally acclaimed not-for-profit, OnlyMums & Dads. They have over 15 years’ experience of working with parents and other professionals who support separating families.  They have edited 2 books which have been recognised by professionals and senior family court judges and are widely used by professionals to help support their clients.


We are not going to give you legal advice, we are not going to charge you £000’s of pounds. But. At the end of our call you will feel listened to, have our guidance notes on recommended next steps, and receive a free copy of one of our books best suited to your situation.


do we say keeping you out of court where possible? warning –  once you get on that trajectory it’s really hard to get off? More about children being the key etc?




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