Fact Sheets and Articles

Being knowlegable about your own rights and responsibilities has to be good advice for all seperating and divorcing parents.

We have a growing series of fact sheets and library of articles written by Resolution members covering a range of subjects. Many of the articles were published on our blog so we have included the comments that follow as we believe they add value to the topics being discussed. Click here to view our full library of articles.

Domestic Abuse/Violence

Below you will find a series of easy to read articles written by our Family Law Panel Members Mills & ReeveThe articles are posted in chronological order and will help you understand how the family court can help you and the various procedures and stages you may have to go through to get help.  If you need urgent advice from a family lawyer please visit our Family Law Panel here.

Family Law

Can I apply for an occupation order?

Do I have to go to a hearing and what will happen?

Criteria for the different orders.

What will happen once I have the order?


Fact sheets

Adoption order
Ancillary relief (finance/property)
Ancillary relief procedure
Financial provision for children
Children's tax credit
Civil Partnerships
Emergency public funding(legal aid)
Grandparents rights
Human rights
Parental responsibility
Public funding(legal aid)
Mediation/public funding
Severance of joint tenancy
Specific issue order
Wills on divorce