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OnlyMums is delighted to be working in partnership with Elements to offer independent financial advice throughout the UK. We choose Elements because we believe they have an honest and professional approach to giving independent advice and because they understand women.

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Elements because women are different

Because women are looking for something different, and many have to juggle any number of issues at once we decided that we needed to define a service that helped put some balance back into life. Our female consultants have been handpicked for their open and easy communication skills, experience, and the ability to grasp your needs.

We will communicate in clear, understandable English - no jargon, no blinding with science. Elements has a mission to provide advice to you in a transparent format giving you the knowledge to make effective decisions on your behalf so that you can achieve the goals you set yourself in life.

Long Term Commitment

We believe that you are looking for a long-term, confidential, trusting relationship, with people who can give you a deep commitment to exceptional service levels and professionalism. Balancing the elements of your life and your financial wellbeing are of paramount importance. In an initial meeting we will assess your current financial arrangements and agree the next steps. Following comprehensive research a report will be prepared with our recommendations for all aspects your needs.

Becoming an Elements client is more than simply appointing a financial adviser, the service benefits that Elements brings to you will be more than just financial advice.

Benefits include newsletters, financial and lifestyle web portal, seminars and events all of which have been designed to add an extra element of balance to your life.

So whether you are living with a partner, divorced or widowed we can help you with professional independent advice.

Founders Caroline Anstee and Adele Jones


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